About Us

Design Praxis, is a fresh endeavor for innovation and creative resonance of ideas.

We are practicing multi-disciplinary design approach, establishing ways to emotionally connect people with products and experiences. We translate strategies into Visual expressions and visual expressions into market success. Design Praxis Philosophy is To infuse intangibles into tangibles. (media and products) taking care of other factors like usability, cost effectiveness, functionality, which are our foundation.

Sharad Saxena
With a background of a Technocrat, Mr. Sharad has spent good part of his Industrial career in hard core operations. Manufacturing Auto components and assembling vehicles. He has also been involved with conventional to high-end portable Battery technology. (From Zinc Carbon to Lithium).

Mr. Sharad is alumnus of IIT Kanpur ( B.Tech Mechanical ) 1977 Batch.

Shivendu Jauhari
Shivendu has been a practicing architect, with varied interests in architecture to communication design. He founded Design Praxis, has been actively involved in field of sustainable development and green architecture.

Shivendu is an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, 2001 Batch

Yogesh Bhujbal
Yogesh is alumnus of Abhinav Kala MahaVidyalaya, Pune (2008 Batch). And he is working as a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and 3D Modeler.

Ajay Devlekar
Ajay is alumnus of Suryadatta Group of Institutes, Pune (2012 Batch). And he is working as a Web Programmer.

Dhayari Bungalow

Indian Architect & Builder, June 2010

Dhayari Bungalow: June 2010, Indian Architect & Builder


Dhayari Bungalow

+91 Residences Extended: More Contemporary Indian Houses -2011

+91 RESIDENCES - EXTENDED publication features 48 architect-designed residences [2000-2011] in India.

Dhayari Bungalow


Visual Art Gallery, IHC, DELHI
JUNE 17 – JUNE 26, 2011

The exhibition in Delhi will feature the 91 completed projects and 19 works-in-progress built/designed by architects across the country between 2000 and 2009 presented at the Bangalore premiere in February 2010